Change The Game
November 02, 2011
Converse has a rich heritage of being worn by rebellious pioneers who do things in their own way and Change the Game. We found and documented today's authentic pioneers in the worlds of skate, basketball, and music to create a connection between the brand's history and its future.
Use Sports
September 01, 2011
Kids in Greater China are doing less and less sports because they don't see any value in it. "Use Sports" is a fresh perspective on sports and an honest, direct message about why sports matter. ...
Shanghai Guide App
November 01, 2010
Shanghai rules! We absolutely love it here and we want to show you why. So we collected the best of the best from all the locals and in-the-know expat peeps we know. We took all their top-secret places ...
More than a Flying Man
October 23, 2010
Liu Xiang is one of China’s most famous sports icons. Everyone here knows that he’s a great hurdler, but we wanted to show his fans a different side, that he's more than just a "flying man." ...
Lyrics Contest
September 08, 2010
In an effort to spotlight Asia’s music fans and give light to their lifestyle, Converse joined forces with Chinese indie band Queen Sea Big Shark to create the Converse Lyrics Contest. When the band’s ...
September 07, 2010
This series of 6 films follows the well-known model and blogger, Chun Xiao as she struggles her way through a tough Nusoul dance training class. Through her blog readers followed her story of exhaustion, ...
Sportswear AW77 Hoodie
September 07, 2010
We created an online experience allowing users to explore the Nike AW77 hoodie through beautiful, sport-style photos and video interviews with 77 cultural influencers from around China including Michael ...
Run Unleashed
August 01, 2010
We re-launched Nike's running brand to be fresh, fun and irreverent. It’s about running from the gut with no rules or limitations – it’s about freedom and discovery. We created a short web film and ...
Ni Skate Film
June 01, 2010
We set off on a 20-day, cross-country adventure with the first-ever Converse China skate team to discover new skate spots and communities. The story that unfolded speaks to passionate Chinese youth and ...
Your Game Is Your Voice
April 01, 2010
The Guangzhou Asian Games were a perfect time and place to celebrate sport in China. Nike wasn’t an official sponsor of the Games, but we still had to find an innovative way to make a big statement in ...