Old Spice
The Hardest Working Collection
January 05, 2016
The new Old Spice Hardest Working Collection enables men to achieve legendary status by pushing beyond their limits. In fact, limits don’t even exist anymore. They died in an unfortunate rocket car explosion. RIP limits, 2016.
It Doesn't Take A Genius to Do Your Taxes
January 01, 2016
Contrary to what you may think, doing your own taxes no longer requires any special know-how. That’s because TurboTax has a created a whole new way for anyone to do their own taxes, anytime and anywhere ...
Bring On the New Year
January 01, 2016
When you take a close look at the things we do to accomplish our resolutions, you realize that the stuff we all do in the gym is pretty much insane. The good news is even though all of us look, sound, ...
Bring Your Game
December 25, 2015
With so many great players in the game, how can anyone pick a favorite? Peanut, Sean, Toni, and Angel live with some of the best players in order to figure out how they bring their game and which player ...
The Future Is Fast
December 05, 2015
These kids think they’re the fastest, strongest men to play football-past, present, and future. They’ll say it to your face and it’s not a joke–these kids are coming to take jobs.
Holidays With The Colonel
November 26, 2015
Colonel Sanders has always loved the holidays, but this year he's taking it up a notch with a dramatic Santa-esque entrance. Yeah, he's coming down the chimney. Problem is, chimneys are in no way large ...
November 26, 2015
Delayed flights. Boring, long haul travel. Snow storms and icy roads. This time of year, having a network you can rely on matters more than ever - until you're finally home with loved ones, and it doesn’t ...
Snow Day
October 29, 2015
Cold Weather is not something to hide from. It is an opportunity to play. An all-star cast of Nike athletes lead by Rob Gronkowski and Ndamukong Suh take to the streets for a game of snow football when ...
#MakeItHappy Happiness Hackathon
October 27, 2015
70% of young people report seeing online bullying but only 10% do something about it. Coca-Cola and DoSomething.org teamed up to bring fifteen teens from across the country to New York City to hack the ...
Undercover Colonel
October 16, 2015
Colonel Sanders is the ultimate chicken salesman. But over the last few months people have grown accustomed to hearing from him. So to get around that, he’ll need to go undercover as a peer, trusted ...