Pearl Jam
September 17, 2009
To underscore the exclusive access provided by Target’s partnership with Pearl Jam, we shot an intimate “secret show” at the historic Showbox theater in Seattle. The band performed in front of a green screen, allowing us to create a marriage of Target branding with images fitting the band’s aesthetic in post production.
Nike Pro Combat
September 10, 2009
Nike was launching a new protective base layer product into the market called Pro Combat. Where our competitors were positioning their equivalent product as protective, our strategy was to position the ...
Old Spice
Different Scents
September 10, 2009
How many scents does Old Spice make? How does four million sound? Also, how does 14 sound?
Go Forth
July 03, 2009
In 2009, Levi’s launched Go Forth, a new voice and campaign for the Levi’s brand and Levi’s 501 jeans. The campaign is inspired by the passion Walt Whitman felt for the potential of America and promise ...