Travel Oregon
Salmon 360°
May 11, 2017
There’s a lot to do in Oregon. Everything from wine tasting to dune riding and everything in between. So, through a series of interactive videos, we wanted to give potential visitors a chance to test-drive and explore all 360° of our great state. There may or may not be a robotic chinook tour guide involved. Because, after all, this is Oregon we're talking about.
The Travel Guide
May 03, 2017
Travel blogger Moriah Yadon is inspired to take a spontaneous trip to a faraway place, using her Galaxy S8 as her adventure guide.
April 21, 2017
KFC’s spicy, crispy Zinger chicken sandwich is already famous all over the world. So how do you make it even more famous? You shoot it into space. Everybody knows that.
No Easy Bucket
March 10, 2017
Damian Lillard steps onto the court against boxing trainer Virgil Hunter only to realize there is no such thing as an easy bucket.
Portugal. The Man
Feel It Still
March 06, 2017
If you’re just sitting there feeling helpless while Western civilization crumbles around you, you should watch Portugal. The Man’s interactive music video for their new single, “Feel It Still.” ...
February 12, 2017
Why are things different where we draw a few lines and place a goal at both ends? Equality, fairness, and mutual respect should live outside of strips of asphalt and patches of concrete.
TurboTax The Big Game
February 05, 2017
TurboTax is back in the game, taking advantage of a key moment to reach millions of Americans during the height of the tax season. A three-ad series playfully sheds light on Humpty Dumpty’s story. ...
KFC The Big Game
February 05, 2017
KFC celebrates its return to pop culture (and ninth consecutive quarter of same-store sales growth) with its first-ever Big Game spot. Continuing with its rotating case of actors as Colonel Sanders, ...
Old Spice
Don't Smell Yourself Short
February 01, 2017
Old Spice’s Legendary Man returns armed with the valuable life experience that comes with exploding in a rocket car and being financially crippled by whale sunglasses. According to his new adventures, ...
The Eatin' Gold
January 29, 2017
For billions of years, humans have been obsessed with the radiant brilliance of gold as a symbol of wealth, style, and class. Unfortunately, for far too long gold has been wasted on superficial things ...