New York
Cooper Hewitt
Smithsonian Design Museum
March 23, 2015
Everyone expects New York City to have world-class design. But no one expects New York City to have world-class design on the Upper East Side. When the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum reopened its doors for the first time in three years after undergoing an extensive renovation, we set out to remind New Yorkers that the center of design is on the Upper East Side. Playing up this somewhat ...
Delta Air Lines
On The Road
March 03, 2015
On the Road, directed by Martin de Thurah, with voiceover by Donald Sutherland, tells the story of the frequent traveler, an experience that Delta understands. No matter how far you travel, or how many ...
Dreaming With Jeff
January 30, 2015
With its elegant designs and simple interfaces, Squarespace makes it easy for anyone to build a beautiful website that takes their idea– even a way-out-there one- and turns it into a powerful statement ...
Equinox Made Me Do It 2015
January 07, 2015
Celebrating the aftermath of an Equinox workout – pushing boundaries and disrupting preconceived notions – in an unapologetic way.
Holiday 2014
October 30, 2014
You don't have to get them to give them Gap. Gap's 2014 holiday campaign, directed by Sofia Coppola, celebrates those sweet yet sometimes cringe-worthy holiday family moments.
Delta Air Lines
No Bag Left Behind
September 22, 2014
Travel along with a very special bag and experience the care and certainty that only Delta can bring to your journey, every step of the way. The spot also marks the first use of color since Keep Climbing ...
Dress Normal
August 28, 2014
Being your most authentic self is a style that will always endure.
Quiet Please
August 25, 2014
When the US Open gets loud, it’s one man’s job to silence the crowd. See what happened when a few brave souls tried it in the middle of Manhattan.
Southern Comfort
August 12, 2014
As mysterious as the deep blue sea, and just as unforgiving, our patron knows what she wants and there’s no doubt she’s going to get it; great white shark nails and a Cold Blooded Ginger. My, oh my, ...
Heineken Light
Neil Patrick Harris
July 21, 2014
Heineken Light, the 2013 World Beer Championship's Best Tasting Light Beer is delicious. It's really too bad Neil Patrick Harris, due to complicated rules and regulations, isn't allowed to drink it on ...