New York
Bud Light
April 04, 2017
Bud Light’s Famous Among Friends campaign continues to roll out with Coworkers. At happy hour, you're not just coworkers, you're co-friends.
April No Fools
April 01, 2017
Duracell has firmly established itself as a power you can trust, so on the least trusted day of the year, the brand is only celebrating one thing— goof-free business as usual. The battery maker ran a ...
The Atlantic
Am I Typecast?
February 15, 2017
For 160 years, The Atlantic has challenged themselves and their readers to overturn assumptions, reexamine long-held truths and confront the status quo. The Atlantic believes that the importance of questioning ...
2017 Spotify
February 13, 2017
The latest from Spotify puts music fans (including artists) and their stories at the center, championing their role in culture.​ The campaign includes 3 online videos​ ​- Play This At My Funeral, ...
Delta Air Lines
Delta and Coca-Cola Tray Art Gallery
February 08, 2017
Delta ​ and The Coca-Cola Company have teamed up to bring art to the place where the two brands meet most often – the tray table. Together with 12 different artists, we have created an art gallery ...
Delta Air Lines
February 02, 2017
Before the crack of dawn, while most are soundly sleeping, many Delta customers are up and raring to go in pursuit of opportunity. Delta’s new TV spot “4 A.M.” embodies the spirit of its customers ...
Trust is Power
January 20, 2017
Into a world where things like trust, and facts, seem to have lost some meaning, Duracell has brings you a timely message: Trust is power, and there’s no power you can trust like Duracell. The debut ...
Bud Light
Between Friends
January 20, 2017
As America's most social, sessionable beer Bud Light has always been in the business of friendship. You might say that we're famous for it. So this year we're launching a new long-term platform for the ...
2017 Commit To Something
January 03, 2017
There seems to be a push for ease and an overall lack of commitment today. These were designed to point out that commitments, not only in fitness but in life​,​ ​fundamentally ​define you.​ ...
Jordan Brand
Class of XXXI
November 04, 2016
Leave a legacy. The #ClassofXXXI has arrived.