June 11, 2010
“RGB” is shot from the viewpoint of someone traveling through a city inside the new Honda CR-Z. Inspired by the look and feel of the car itself, the focus of the spot is on the feeling of the drive and the multiple driving modes available and how they connect us with the journey. The three colors of the driving modes are reflected in each part of the film, together with the changing environments ...
Guardian Newspapers
World War II
September 01, 2009
The Guardian marked the 70th anniversary of the World War II outbreak with a seven-part editorial series free with the newspaper. The series was comprehensive, covering the war's origins, the Blitz, the ...
Make the Difference
August 01, 2009
Nike Make The Difference is the first communication for the 2010 football season. Ultimately a player that Makes the Difference wins football matches. Yet it isn't always simply about scoring fifty-yard ...
August 01, 2009
Wieden+Kennedy London has created the brand identity for the 2009 onedotzero film festival which launched on London’s Southbank. Onedotzero is a contemporary, digital arts organization with a remit to ...
Top Tapping
August 01, 2009
Cravendale, the UK’s number one milk brand, ramped up its marketing activity for 2009 with a multi-million pound investment programme to reinforce the message that it is ‘fresh milk, only purer’ ...
The Honda Effect
June 15, 2009
"The Honda Effect" was an expression coined in the early 1980s as part of the exploration of Honda’s entry into the motorbike market in the USA. Back then, Honda took potentially risky and ...