Arla Foods
The Messenger
April 19, 2015
A story laced with Icelandic pluck and, of course, plenty of Skyr, the hero of the film is a young messenger, who goes to extraordinary lengths to keep his remote Icelandic community connected to the world, and each other, via the only telephone in their village.
April 18, 2015
Kitchen dabblers and adventurous cooks alike will know that whipping up a spot of lunch can turn in to a delicious experiment when there's no recipe, no plan, no carefully measured ingredients. Just a ...
April 08, 2015
As long as people are on Earth, there will be dirty dishes.
Keep Up
February 19, 2015
Honda knows that there's always more we can do to push harder, go further, and to challenge ourselves beyond our perceived limits; this idea is at the heart of the brand's philosophy and serves as the ...
Prepare Yourself
January 18, 2015
Prepare yourself for even more holiday spam—this time from Chris, Max and Ronnie who are able to spam everyone with the details for their Bondi surf trip. Constantly.
December 03, 2014
To celebrate the fact that everyone gets to treat their loved ones at Christmas by treating themselves at the same time, we created a specially designed app, CalendarMe. The web-based app uses image replacement ...
The Other Side
October 30, 2014
To Launch the Civic Type R we've created a dual-sided 3-minute film where two parallel high-adrenaline tales seamlessly mirror each other. A pioneering interactive video brings both narratives together ...
Hot and Cold
August 19, 2014
There’s testing, then there’s Honda testing. At Honda’s European manufacturing plant in Swindon UK, cars are tested to the extreme in a specially controlled climate chamber from -30’c to +80’c ...
Because No Reason
July 13, 2014
Why does the flamingo stand one one leg? Because no reason! Our new Chambord campaign tips a chapeau to the brand's Frenchness, giving it a surreal twist and a playful new personality. Bof!
Feel at Home
July 04, 2014
Plane wings, sunsets, palm trees, beach feet, cocktails... the list goes on. Since Three Mobile's generous data roaming service is directly to blame for the #holidayspam crisis hitting the UK, there was ...