Royal Enfield Motorcycles
January 03, 2017
The Classic 350 is one of the most loved motorcycles from Royal Enfield. Looking back into our decades old legacy, we have given the Classic a makeover taking cues from the motorcycles produced at Redditch, Royal Enfield's birthplace in the UK.
Royal Enfield Motorcycles
Enfield Shorts
August 22, 2016
Royal Enfield released Enfield Shorts, a series of films detailing the making of their new livery colours, their approach to paint, chroming, and the legendary Madras stripes. Each film is a window into ...
Da Da Ding
July 11, 2016
Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Delhi unveiled a new Just Do it campaign for Nike India with the launch of a music track and film, ‘Da Da Ding’. Showcasing the unrelenting spirit of women in India, the ...
World of Multix
June 05, 2016
Automotive giants Eicher Motors and Polaris US had a lovechild last year. And we helped deliver it. Meet Multix. It’s a family car, a pickup van and the world’s most good-looking power generator. One ...
Royal Enfield Motorcycles
March 12, 2016
For over 60 years, Royal Enfields have traveled the Himalayas. Out of these decades of experience, in 2016 Royal Enfield has released its first purpose-built adventure tourer, the Himalayan. To mark ...
Indian Government
Make In India
October 10, 2014
Make In India, takes an overworked phrase and turns it in to a powerful call to action reflective of modern India. Derived from India’s national emblem, the prowling lion stands for strength, courage, ...
The Item Issue
August 07, 2014
Share a journey with us on the history and future of the infamous Item number in Indian cinema. Ranging from courtesans, to the tawa'if culture of the 18th and 19th centuries to the cabaret to nautch girls, ...
The Skin Issue
March 12, 2014
The eleventh issue of Motherland sits close to the bone, touching on the border between the world and ourselves: Skin. In India the skin colour bias is so deeply ingrained into our formative years that ...
Royal Enfield Motorcycles
September 30, 2013
A band of rockers embark on an epic 11,000-kilometre burn-up. They set out from the birthplace of café racer culture—the Ace Café in London—and finish at Madras Café in India, close to the Royal ...
Indian Air Force
Guardian of the Skies
June 18, 2013
Shot on operational locations and featuring Air Force personnel and equipment (like the mighty Su-30MKI), this film offers a glimpse into the complex teamwork, herculean effort and split-second precision ...