Nike Bleed Orange
March 04, 2010
Dutch National Team- BLEED ORANGE W+K Amsterdam created an integrated campaign for the Nike Dutch National Team (DNT) kicking-off with the Dam Square ‘Bezet’ Tape Attack and continuing with the ‘Bleed Orange’ manifesto film. Further activity will roll-out throughout the year with each asset being housed on the DNT’s Hyve’s page. The entire multimedia campaign will use TV, OOH, print, ...
Electronic Arts
FIFA10 How Big Can Football Get?
September 01, 2009
Staggering gameplay statistics show that two million FIFA games are played every day and last year alone 40,000,000 goals were scored. We’re asking the world one question—just how big can football ...
Make The Difference
September 01, 2009
This campaign, featuring football heroes Rooney, Ribery and Arshavim, gets under the skin of football and finds out what makes the top players tick. It explores the ability these players have to make ...
Electronic Arts
Need for Speed SHIFT
September 01, 2009
“From The Inside Out” is a terrifying visceral experience that thrusts the viewer straight into the race car drivers physiology. Shot by Nieto, the creative intentionally strips away all music, voiceover ...
Resist Simple
August 01, 2009
Resist Simple honors life’s messy complexities and celebrates the people who respond to them with interest rather than fear. Much of life is glorious chaos—something to be enjoyed and savored, not ...
Let It Shine
May 01, 2009
The first ever takeover partnership on Vimeo, the W+K Amsterdam interactive team developed and designed the idea and Vimeo implemented to create one of the season’s most talked about online takeover ...
January 01, 2009
Part of the global Open Happiness campaign, Library shows how two young lovers silently communicate and flirt using iconic illustrations, by Geoff McFetteridge, celebrating the iconic nature of the Coca-Cola ...