Legendary Football
September 15, 2011
The campaign showcases how the UEFA Champions League, the world’s most prestigious and high-profile club competition, and Heineken, the world’s leading premium beer brand, combine to create spectacular artistry that fans around the world can enjoy.
Electronic Arts
FIFA 12 Love Football, Play Football
September 02, 2011
Featuring exclusive EA SPORTS FIFA 12 in-game footage, the advert tells the story of the passion that flows through football fans across the globe. Whether they’re playing, watching, reading, arguing, ...
Copa Barrio
July 08, 2011
The South American Copa America tournament is much more than just a football tournament. Regional familiarity and shared language and customs makes the rivalries that much fiercer. “Copa Barrio” ...
The Date
May 28, 2011
"The Date" follows the Heineken legend as he woos his stunning date on an epic journey—a glamorous tribute to all magical dates and legendary nights out.
Nokia E7 Smartphone
March 28, 2011
Success is what you make it. It is no longer just about your latest car, your new house or the amount of money you earn. It is more personal and human than that. It is about looking at life from a different ...
Open Your World
January 12, 2011
With this "Open Your World" campaign, Heineken recognizes the legend in all of its drinkers. Men who know their way around and recognize a fine beer when they taste one. In "The Entrance," ...
Electronic Arts
Hot Pursuit
November 03, 2010
Utilizing some familiar faces, the EA GAMES global campaign features Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara – stars of HBO’s Entourage – playing gamers-turned-valets who park the world’s most beautiful ...
Electronic Arts
FIFA 11 “We Are 11”
October 05, 2010
This integrated campaign brings the online team-play to life across digital, print and broadcast. Whether you are 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 gamers, with FIFA 11 can you get the emotion and excitement of eleven-a-side ...
Write The Future
May 22, 2010
The mood of a nation. The decline of a would-be hero. Fame. Infamy. The possible futures of the world’s top footballers are played out in epic fashion. All hang in the balance. Only the moments on the ...
Nike Bleed Orange
March 04, 2010
Dutch National Team- BLEED ORANGE W+K Amsterdam created an integrated campaign for the Nike Dutch National Team (DNT) kicking-off with the Dam Square ‘Bezet’ Tape Attack and continuing with the ‘Bleed ...