Human Printing Press
September 19, 2013
Istanbul is a city of fanatical sports fans. If we could tap into that passion, we would get them moving. That’s where The Human Printing Press comes in. The giant press was designed and built to capture the movement of athletes and transfer them onto the page, ultimately creating a series of unique ‘Made by Movement’ posters. We teamed up young amateur athletes from around the city with ...
Electronic Arts
We Are FIFA 14
September 18, 2013
The world of FIFA is fun and incredible. Every year millions of people gather to play the game. Imagine a gathering of that size. It is the FIFA Armada, an armada of football fun. But unlike the usual ...
Coke Music
July 23, 2013
Coke Music, a teen-focused platform that provides a foundation and consistent voice for the brand’s global music programs, has a new, dynamic visual identity system that can reinvent itself time and ...
The Voyage
June 03, 2013
The Voyage is the fifth installment of Heineken’s Legends brand campaign, which inspires Heineken drinkers to be travelers, not tourists. Set in colorful India, the film follows the Legend arriving in ...
The Final
April 03, 2013
The Heineken Legend, a huge football fan, is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime – a ticket to the UEFA Champions League Final. The narrative follows him in a nail-biting race against the clock ...
January 24, 2013
Travel and accommodation planning can be a gamble and getting it wrong can ruin your vacation entirely. Dubbed Booking.yeah, the campaign transforms the word “booking” into an adjective for the sheer, ...
Crack The Case
September 23, 2012
The Crack the Case film sets up the legendary encounter that sees Heineken come face to face with James Bond in their most Legendary collaboration yet. The film opens in a train station with the Heineken ...
Go Do Something Wonderful
September 21, 2012
Based on a quote from Intel co-founder Robert Noyce, the “Go Do Something Wonderful” campaign aims to excite and energize people about what they are capable of doing with some help from a PC with Intel ...
General Electric
We All Make Progress
July 30, 2012
We All Make Progress is designed to place GE in the driving seat of substantive progress in the Middle East. The campaign showcases a unique perspective on GE technology via close-up photography. And, ...
Power Through
June 18, 2012
Power Through beautifully dramatizes the moment that unifies amateur and professional athletes alike: the point when they feel they can’t go on, when they hit the dreaded ‘wall’ and need that push ...